Corporate Uniform

Interestingly, uniform influences can best be explained by the factor’s communication, performance, organizational identification, service encounter, orientation, and job support

It is recommended for general/executive managers to focus on uniform elements such as material, appropriateness, style and functionality when they consider to positively influencing job satisfaction or employee motivation.

Uniforms are only one minor part of the overall complex general management function – but in some culture’s uniforms might play a more important role: for instance, well-designed uniforms contribute significantly to overall job satisfaction.


there is a positive relationship between the option to contribute to incremental uniform improvements and the evaluation of uniforms functionality, style, and appropriateness to job role. Consequently, it can be assumed that at least a certain degree of co-creation has positive

influences on employees’ commitment.

Uniforms need to be functional for employees, especially for customer contact employees who want to enjoy wearing the uniforms when interacting with the guest. It can be postulated that employee’s perceived appearance in the service encounter has strong impacts on their attitude in serving guests. In addition, it can be assumed that some uniform features or elements can be interpreted as hygiene factors,

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